Our Facility

To ensure product quality and provide customers with lactose that fully satisfy their needs, we have set up a dedicated state-of-the-art facility and implemented a dedicated organization to the production of pharmaceutical lactose.

Dedicated facility: absolute precision


The ultimate destination of our products and the purity requirements imposed require flawless precision, from the sourcing of raw material to the finished products.

To ensure consistently high quality products, we have set up a dedicated state-of-the-art facility, in full compliance with the pharmaceutical standards; enabling the production of lactose in line with pharmaceutical regulations: Ph. Eur., USP-NF, JP.



Purity as a performance indicator

Ensuring the quality and technicality of our lactose excipient ranges is our mission.

Beyond the regulatory requirements of pharmacopoeias, the purity of our products is for us the best performance indicator of our production processes. It’s also a sign of real quality control at every level of our organization.


Implemented PAT enables control of critical process parameters

Introduced as part of the FDA’s current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) program, the PAT initiative is the pharmaceutical industry’s drive to provide real-time information to characterize and control process variation and manufacturing capability. The PAT initiative aims to move the pharmaceutical industry towards continuous quality assurance and an endpoint approach to manufacturing.

ARMOR PHARMA implemented a unique particle size PAT system controlling, monitoring, supervising and characterizing all the process during the production through timely measurements of critical quality and performance attributes of raw and in process materials and processes with the goal of ensuring final product quality.

This characterization is a guarantee for the customer to have a uniformous batch designed for its needs.


Industrial flexibility to further meet customer needs

Oriented toward a full customer satisfaction approach, our production tools have been specifically designed to provide flexibility in the options offered.

Whatever your specific requirements are, related to the product specification or packaging, ARMOR PHARMA team investigates all the options to provide you with the most suitable solution.


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